Trying to sell your home but failing on the inspections?

Unfortunately, nothing deters buyers quite like dry rot, pests, or some other ominous discovery during inspection. 

What’s worse? Fixing that damage you didn’t even know about can be expensive. 

And naturally, you weren’t wanting to SPEND money on the sale of your home, you were wanting to MAKE money. 

But most buyers will cold-shoulder you until it’s fixed. 

At Township Properties, we’ve worked with a lot of frustrated sellers who’ve gone through a similar situation. 

We always tell them, your only options are to…

Fix The Damage — It’ll cost time and money, but fixing the damage discovered during an inspection is the only way to sell your house on the MLS in any reasonable amount of time. 

Ignore The Damage — You could always just ignore the damage and try to find a buyer that doesn’t care… but that’s going to be pretty tough. And you should probably expect to be waiting for more than 3 months to find a buyer. 

Sell To a Professional — At Township Properties, we buy homes as-is for cash and we can close in as little as two weeks. We will pay closing costs and we don’t care if your home passes an inspection. Give us a call if you want to learn more!