Thinking of selling a house with lots of memories?

It can be difficult to let go of a home with sentimental value — maybe you remember your parents sitting at the dinner table, or your kids playing in the backyard, or your family sitting around the fireplace during the holidays. 

Now you’re thinking of selling… and in some ways, it feels like a betrayal of those memories. 

We get it. 

We’ve helped a lot of people in Atlanta sell their homes quickly for cash. 

And many of the people we help have an emotional attachment to their home. They feel guilty for selling it and, in some cases, they are afraid of random strangers judging the property that means so much to them. 

But here’s what we want to tell you. 

There’s nothing wrong with selling a home that you simply can’t afford to keep anymore. The memories won’t go anywhere, they’ll always be with you. 

Still, it can be hard to find a homebuyer that you feel that you can trust. 

At Township Properties, we would love to help you.

If you give us a call, here’s what we promise…

We Will Not Judge Your Property — We know that the home means a lot to you and we promise not to make preconceived judgements on the state of your property.

We Will Offer You a Fair Price — We will determine the true value of your home and offer you a fair cash price. Typically, we can make an offer within just 48 hours of seeing the property. 

We Will Respect Your Time — We don’t want to waste your time. We will view the property at a time that works for you, answer any questions you have, make you an offer, pay closing costs, and we can even close in as little as two weeks!