Unfortunately, probate is often more complex and convoluted than it needs to be. 

But at Township Properties, we’ve helped homeowners in almost every situation to navigate challenges and sell their home. 

So we thought we’d share some information with you about the probate process so that you know what to expect. 

Here’s how it works…

File To Start Probate — First, you’ll need to submit a petition to the court to get the probate process started. You’ll need to file a valid and notarized will in addition to your application which indicates that you’re the legal executor of the estate. The court will then schedule a hearing to approve your petition. If approved, the court will open the probate case.

Provide Notice — As required by most courts, you’ll need to mail a notice that the estate is in probate to all creditors, beneficiaries, and heirs. You might even need to publish a notice in the newspaper, depending on your state. 

Determine Assets & Pay Debt — You’ll also need to compile all of the estate’s assets and determine their value. Then you’ll need to analyze and pay debt. 

Distribute Remaining Assets — Finally, after paying debts, you can distribute remaining assets to the appropriate beneficiaries. 

Hire An Attorney — If this all sounds like too much, then you might consider hiring an attorney to help you through the process. 

And once you’ve finished the probate process, if you want to sell your home quickly for cash, give us a call and we’ll make you a fair offer. We can buy as-is and even close in as little as two weeks!